95 Girls Advance to FINALS at Nationals! 94B capture 4th.

Your 95 Girls Shubert went 2-1 in bracket play in Phoenix and was enough to advance them to the Finals.  They lost to Sting in OT in a thrilling 4-3 game in which the game had several lead changes.  The girls were a bit unlucky, played outstanding and we are all so very proud of them (and the 94 Boys).  2nd in the country is still an outstanding achievement girls!!

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The 94 Boys finished strong by defeating Florida Rush Nike in their 3rd game 3-1.  This was the same team they lost to in the Regional finals 1-0 so it was sweet revenge.  Your 94 Boys ended up 4th in the country and qualified for the National League next year.  Not a bad year guys -- congrats!

Both teams will be competing for a National Title run again next year with the girls in ECNL and the boys in the USYS National League.