97B Hart GK Nominated for Save of the Year at USYS National Workshop

Dean Goodrich Selected Save of the Year for Region III


When the State Tournament match with TSCH 97 White was on the line with opponent OFC 97, TSCH goalkeeper Dean Goodrich, provided his teammates the opportunity to advance to the 2011 Southern Regionals in Murfreesboro, TN. The opportunity came when the teams completed their regulation match and then two extended periods of play without any goals being scored. Forced to the dreaded “Kicks from the Mark” method of determining the winner, TSCH 97 and OFC traded goals on the first three kickers. Tied 3-3 the fourth round of kicks began. TSCH scored and led with a 4-3 tally. The OFC player kicked and Goodrich parried the ball away. The save provided TSCH with the opportunity to win and they did just that with the next kick and won 5-3 in kicks from the mark.

Goodrich’s save and the resulting victory celebration were video captured by Librado Brayan Lara. The video was submitted to US Youth by Tina Keller and OSA was informed in early December that Dean’s goal was selected as Region III’s Save of the Year. The selection now places Dean’s save in contention for Save of the Year at the US Youth National Workshop in Boston, MA.

Congratulations, Dean Goodrich and your TSCH 97 teammates for participating in the Save of the Year.

(Reprinted with permission:  OSA)