Around the Club in Pictures

Check out these videos and photos from around the club we found on Team Pages!

Every few weeks our staff will scan all team pages and post videos and photos.  This is a fun exercise because there are some amazing pics and videos out there that capture some of the excitement that continues to build across the organization!

If your team doesn’t have their team page up and running then you need to hound your coach or manager to get going!!  (Or better yet volunteer to be your team page webmaster).  It’s easy and it’s fun.  To request access to be your team page webmaster go to the Manager Resource Center. 

"Arthur" shows some amazing stuff he’s learning at his 04 Juniors Training sessions!


01 Boys Bent - Too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful, too determined to be defeated!













99B Bedwell - Beat the Heat Champions










98B Diver - 1st Place in OPL














97B DeFreitas Sporting Their New Uniforms - Looking Sharp!














96G Rhein ECNL - Looking Good in the GOLD!















97G Shubert ECNL - Getting ready for an ECNL match...currently their in 2nd place in the Texas Conference standings!


02G Arundell - Having a good time as they went on to win the BASC Labor Day Tourney Championship.


00G Parker showing their "strength" in Plano.














Some 99G Griffin players were the "Sock Monkeys" at a 3v3 event--- very creative!













Coach Derek Sharp (99G Sharp) is not too happy he lost in a gun fight!!