ECNL Regional League

ECNL Regional League

Boys ECNL Player Identification Process

Trial Process

The Tulsa Soccer Cub player identification process is not like traditional club soccer clubs, in that it does not hold open tryouts in order to select players.  If a trial is requesting in the middle of an on-going season, a player will be able to come to a practice via invitation from the club or through a player/parent initiating contact with club requesting a trial.

The purpose of the trials are to evaluate a player's talent as well as for the player/parent to evaluate whether or not the Tulsa Soccer Club is the club for them. Request a trial form. Players can request a trial at any time.

Team Formation

At the end of May every year, the club will hold team formation sessions.  The coaching staff will evlaute players and then recommend a team where the player can provide a positive impact and experience overall success.  We strongly recommend that players attend as many of the team formation sessions as possible to give themselves the best opportunity to be evaluated against all of their peers.  Each session will last for approximately 1-2 hours and will consist of small-sided games and full-sided games.

Evaluation Criteria

When evaluating players, the coaching staff evaluate each player in four different areas: technical skills such as speed of play, tactical skills such as decision making, physical abilities such as speed and endurance, and the player's psychological traits. 

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