Future Stars (Ages 4-8)


Future Stars is Tulsa SC's program for young kids and families interested in having fun, doing a little bit of fitness, and making new friends from all walks of life.  Our coaches will teach your kids soccer skills through fun games and fun training.  Future Stars will practice 2 times per week. For Practice please bring a size 3 soccer ball for ages 4-6, a size 4 soccer ball for ages 7-8, a water bottle and you are set!


  • $30 - Registration (Includes 3 T-Shirts)
  • $65 - Monthly Dues (Signup is for 1 year but you can cancel anytime)


For families interested in their kids playing games Tulsa SC has a Friendship League called Friday Night Lights.  Each player can choose to join a friendship team and play in Friday Night Lights, it is completely optional and not required.