Titan Sports Complex Policies

  • After completion of your training, please ensure goals are moved back to the orignal placement
  • All players should wear official club training jerseys.
  • Usage outside core training hours (M-Th 5:30-8:30pm) shall be paid by the team not the club.
  • Please talk to coaches either before or after training.
  • No alcoholic beverages at fields.
  • NO PETS allowed in the complex during practice or games.
  • No unattended children.
  • Please place litter in trashcans.
  • Illegally parked vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.
    • Do not park in the handicap parking unless you have a sticker.
    • Titan Sports Complex nor TSC Hurricane are not responsible for accidents or injuries.
  • Titan Sports Complex nor TSC Hurricane are not responsible for theft or vandalism.  Keep valuables locked in your trunk or do not bring them to the fields.
  • Players are not to dig holes with cleats on the fields.  It becomes a safety issue.  

  Any violations may cause teams/coaches to lose privileges with NO refunds of fees!