Financial Aid Policy and Instructions


All players seeking financial assistance are required to apply online.   We will review your request once we receive ALL required documentation and the online application completed.  You or your team will be notified on the decision within 10 days of your request.  All information on this form will remain confidential.  Please note that a financial aid request form must be completed for each seasonal year.   

In order for a youth athlete to participate in the Tulsa Soccer Club financial aid program, the youth athlete’s parents or legal guardian (proof required) must provide Tulsa Soccer Club with 3rd party written proof of need.  A player will not receive financial aid without such written proof of the following as applicable:
  • Only if the youth athlete attends public school, then proof of the youth athlete’s participation in their public school’s “Free/Reduced Cost Lunch Program” for the current school year must be provided to Tulsa Soccer Club.
EXCEPTION: For those players who attend a Tulsa Public Elementary School, the required proof of need due to the free lunch program being provided to all elementary students from August 2016 through May 2021, proof of current eligibility of "SNAP Food Benefits" aka food stamps must be provided.  
  • Only if the youth athlete is home schooled, then if the parents or legal guardians of the athlete currently (at the time of registration) participate in any of the following governmental programs, proof of such can be provided to Tulsa Soccer Club: 
  1. SNAP Food Benefits (aka food stamp program)
  2. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  3. OK Sales Tax Relief Program 
  4. Head Start Program

If a player is approved for financial assistance based on the information submitted, a player may be awarded any one or combination of the following awards:

1)  Registration Fees - 50%

2)  Monthly Club Fees - Based on aware level, for 2019-20 Player would be responsible for either $35/mo or $65/mo.

There will NOT be a check sent to the players or teams but the team accounts will be credited based on the award levels.  In addition, this financial assistance is NOT intended for player equipment, travel, tournaments, uniforms or other player/team expenses.

Other expectations of the Parent/Player Applying for Financial Aid:
All Player Recipients of financial aid are required to provide a minimum of 5 volunteer hours each season (example:  assist in training younger players, working tournament or field work day)
*Besides financial need, additional criteria the Committee will consider:
• Attempts made by team to fund the player.
• Additional fundraising efforts on the player’s behalf.
• Level of involvement of applicant in youth soccer, as a player, helping other players, referee, or coach.
• Level of involvement of applicant’s family (parents, siblings) in youth soccer.
• Level of involvement in extracurricular activities (school, community).
** Note:  All applicants will be treated similarly regardless of sex, race, color, creed or religious beliefs 
Other considerations will be based on input from the coach regarding the following (this will not be a consideration if the player is new and the coach has no experience with the applicant):
1) Training attendance
2) Player & Parents demostrate Tulsa SC expectations.
3) Parents volunteer level for team and club commitments (i.e., fundraisers, field duty, tournament duty)
For questions about Financial Aid please contact: