Futsal Training Program

The Futsal Training Program was developed considering the following premisses:

  • We want to develop soccer players through Futsal, so we have created a curriculum full of techniques and tactics directly related to Soccer.
  • We want to complement Soccer training, so we have built the Futsal training schedule around Soccer, so players can experience both programs, with no conflicts.
  • At the same time that we want to develop Soccer players, we want our players to be able to compete in Futsal if that's what they want. Our 9-year plan curriculum will teach them everything they need to know to play futsal at the highest level.
  • The training will be focused on improving the players as individuals. The contents will be more related to Techniques, team tactics and group tactics. While the Futsal Training Program will be focused on Team Tactics. The two programs complement each other.
  • We will have up to 24 players per age group. 
  • Age groups will be formed as single age group (2007, 2008 and so on).

Who can participate?
Only Tulsa Soccer Club players can participate

Which age groups?
From 2007 to 2015. Both Boys and Girls for all ages.

What do you get?
Year-round Futsal training. 39 sessions per year with some of the best Futsal coaches in the World.
Players who make one of the teams will get the Futsal Academy Program for FREE. That means, 30 extra sessions per year with no extra cost. Futsal Members will also have access to exclusive Futsal events, such as the Members Cup and the Street Futsal Festival.

How much does it cost?
$95 monthly. Players who are under the TSC Financial Assistance program will only pay $20 monthly.

Do you need to pay for uniform?
No. We will be using the TSC uniforms. Futsal shoes are required. Soccer cleats are not allowed on the court.

Will we play any games?
No. You will only play games if you make one of the TSC Futsal teams and participate on the TSC Futsal Academy program. 

Will there be any extra cost?

No. That's all you have to pay to participate in our training program.

Click Here to download the full pdf file containing the program details.
Click Here to see the full schedule for the year.