How Club Structure Impacts Player Development

by ECNL Executive Vice-President Christian Lavers

Merger Update

TSC Hurricane was officially formed beginning January 1, 2011 as a result of two of the most highly successful competitive clubs merging.  As part of this year-long planning process, there was extensive work done around ensuring we have the right club structure relative to our long-term affiliations with Broken Arrow Soccer Club and Metro Tulsa Soccer Clubs.

The club is still very much in a transition period and many of the operating processes, coaching plans, etc. are still being worked through.   By the same token, we wanted to ensure the right foundation was established.

The organizations have collectively spent a considerable amount of time developing a single club Mission, Vision Statements, set of Core Values and Strategies to ensure long-term success for the benefit of ALL our member players.


Creating future stars in the game of soccer and in life.


While we understand the coach is the main influencer of player experience, we also do not underestimate the impact club structure will ultimately have on each and every player.  Evidence that club structure can drive player development is further reinforced by an article that appeared in Soccer America.  This article outlines how successful clubs should be structured and the associated impact on player development.  TSC Hurricane is modeled in the same way the article outlines which is unique to the Oklahoma market.  

SOCCER AMERICA ARTICLE "How Club Structure Impacts Player Development".