Labor Day Victories

Big Labor Day weekend! Several teams brought home the gold or advanced! We're proud of all our teams! Well done and Congratulations! 

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Plano Labor Day
07b Carreno - CHAMPS Gold
04b Roberts - 2nd Silver
03b Schwab - Semis Gold
02b Lewis - 2nd Silver
04g Griffin - Semis Gold
04g Sharp - Semis Silver
03g Banham - Qtrs Silver
03g Sharp - 2nd Silver
01g Banham - CHAMPS Silver
01g Rusling - Qtrs Silver
01g Williams - CHAMPS Silver B
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Indian Springs Labor Day
07b Carreno - CHAMPS
06b Coleman Silver - 2nd
03b Edwards - 2nd
05g Kohn - 2nd
00g Lundy Red - CHAMPS
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WSA Labor Day
09b Black - CHAMPS
07g Red - 2nd
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Heartland Midwest Classic Labor Day
01b Bartlesville - CHAMPS
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Scott Gallagher Labor Day
04g Parker - CHAMPS
03g Beattie - 2nd
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