Frontier Development League

Club Based League (Oklahoma & Texas)

The National League is a nationwide league that has 2 divisions. 

  1. Frontier Development League - This league is a CLUB based league.
  2. Frontier Conference League - This league is a TEAM based league. 

Our CLUB based conference that we compete in is called the Frontier Development League (FDL) and consists of 8 Clubs.

  1. FC Dallas
  2. Dallas Texans SC
  3. D'Feeters Kicks SC
  4. Houston Dash
  5. Lonestar SC
  6. Solar SC
  7. Tulsa SC
  8. OK Energy FC

This CLUB based league is for ages U13 - U19 only.  As a club (all 6 age groups), Tulsa SC will travel to compete against one of the other 7 clubs and each of those 7 clubs will also travel to Tulsa to compete against us.  You play each club twice, 1 home game and 1 away game.  When we travel to Dallas, typicaly you travel up on a Friday night and play 1 game Saturday from 1 club, and a 2nd game on Sunday from another club.  In addition tot hese league games, each team will be able to participate in the following events.

► National League Showcase Series — Mid-table to bottom table FDL teams will compete in showcases that match up similar teams from varying areas of the country in a national platform.  By bringing all of these teams/conferences together, it will attract more college coaches to these showcase events.

► National League Playoffs — The top of the table FDL teams will compete in the National Playoffs.  The National Playoffs are played "inside" the National League Showcase Series Events (think of it as "brackets").  The top teams of the National Playoffs will then advance to compete for a USYS National Championship.

Frontier Conference Salient Facts