BASC Concessions Fundraiser

BASC provides an opportunity for teams to conduct a fundraiser by working the Indian Springs Concessions.  

Below is how the process works: 

Each team is responsible for setting their own shifts on the day that they have signed up to work.  Typically the teams work in 2-3 hour shifts.  BASC requires that at least 3 people be working at all times and at least one adult. If you are a younger team, BASC asks that an adult handle the money.

To request your date, please contact Mindy Lindsey, Concession Manager.  Here contact information is below.

Here is the information that I send to the teams the week that they will be working:

Information that a team will need:
  • Concession Manager will meet your team at opening to help get the concession stand up and running and to go over how to use all of the machines.
  • There are opening, closing and during slow time procedures posted on the wall of the concession stand to refer to.
  • All workers receive half price food and free fountain drinks or hot chocolate and coffee.
  • Your team will be paid $15.00 per hour to work.  I will have a time sheet that will need to be signed by an adult at the closing of the day.  I will turn in the time sheet to the office on Monday and your check will be mailed on Friday.  If you e-mail Anna the name and address where you will want your team check mailed to, I can have it ready.
  • The Concession Manager will be in and out of the concession stand during the day to check on your team and answer any questions.
  • Before closing the Concession Manager will be back to help your team with clean up procedures.  Please remind your team that part of the job of the concession stand is to help clean up.  If they pick up after themselves and periodically clean up during the day, end of the day clean up will be much faster.

The team gets paid $15 per hour for working one stand.  When there are tournaments and both stands are open the team will be paid $30 if they sign up to work both sides.


Teams will also need to have either a volunteer or a 3 year food handlers card which is required by the Tulsa Health Department. The Concession Manager will be offering a free volunteer food handlers class probably sometime in August.  It lasts about 30-45 minutes and it will give them a card that will be good for one year.  The Concession Manager will let teams know when that is scheduled or it will be posted on this page.


As soon as each season schedule is posted, look for an email from the Concession Manager (see below) asking for teams to sign up for shifts.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:
Mindy Lindsey
BASC Concessions Manager