Dues Collection


Teams are responsible for paying TSCH for ALL players regardless of the Player payment status with the Team by the 10th of each month.  If the Player is behind, it is up to the Team to pay TSCH for that Player and pursue collections from the Player.    TSCH does not maintain past due Player balances and is not responsible for collecting from the delinquent Player.    You should keep track of these throughout the year and report them on the Manager Resource Website under Players with Amounts Due at the end of the season.  

It is the ultimate responsibility of the Team, Coach, and Manager to collect the funds from the delinquent player.   If you have issues with a dilinquent player you should contact your coach to handle as he/she is obligated to withhold the player from certain activities if a joint agreement has not been made.


Dues are collected while the player is on the team’s roster whether they currently have an injury or not.  If the player has a season-ending injury (such as a torn ACL) then the player can be dropped from the roster and no further dues collected.  However, if the player has an injury that is NOT "season-ending" dues are continued to be collected.  Remember the commitment is for a FULL YEAR whereby the payments are divided into 12 installments. Explanation of Club Fees.  Players do NOT have the luxury of choosing when they pay dues based on their level of participation in a certain month regardless of the reason!  

Remember coach stipends are based on the number of rostered players so your coachs stipend will be impacted if players are dropped.  Coach Stipends.


Copy of Commitment Letter Sent to All Members in consideration of accepted position on TSC Hurricane

TSC Hurricane has high standards for all of our players.  Therefore, by accepting your position you are also agreeing to follow the Club Expectations that can be found on the TSC Hurricane website.  Click here to view Player Expectations.

In addition, my parents are also agreeing to the 
Parent Expectations which includes your financial commitment to the club/team.  These financial obligations include but not limited to:  monthly club/team dues, registration and uniforms.  If I expect to have a challenge with meeting these financial commitments, I will notify my coach/team manager as soon as possible and arrange for a plan that may or may not include financial assistance and fundraising events conducted by the team.  I further understand that meeting my financial commitments is in exchange for team/club membership which includes professional coaching among other benefits, but does not guarantee playing time in games.  Playing time is determined by the coach at his/her discretion based on their own criteria which includes on-field performance.  I further understand that the coach will be obligated to withhold me from certain team activities (including games or training) if I fall behind on my financial commitments without previously arranging a plan with my team manager/coach. There are no refunds.