Game Day (Reschedule, Referee Pay, CPP)

For NPL and OPC matches, home teams should wear light/visitors dark.  Players should always bring both uniforms to ALL games.  

A Gotsoccer roster/gamecard must be presented to the referee prior to the game. The referee will give the gamecard to each coach or manager after the game. The HOME team inputs the score and completes the Post Game Report within 24 hours of the match. OPC Resources.

Referee Fees

For OPC and NPL, all referee fees are included in your league fees. For juniors matches in ACS or JDL, each team should bring half of the referees fees which is normally $13-$15 per match.

Reschedule Instructions for Classic (Must be made 10 days in advance!):

1) Both teams must mutually agree on rescheduling the game.  You can also begin coming up with potential new dates.  

2) Contact  Atef Iskander  for games that were scheduled at MTsc or BASC Games Commissioner for games that were scheduled at BASC to ask when fields are available.  


Club Player Pass (CPP)
Three players are allowed to CPP per game. Must be from different divisions. Email Request (Full player legal name & team) must be sent to Registrar 72 hrs prior to scheduled game.