Guest Playing With Another Club Policy & Procedure



By registering to play with Tulsa Soccer Club the parent and child has signed an agreement to compete for our club for a 12 month term in most cases.  Our national and state governing body requires the player to have permission from the club in which it is registered or member of to guest play for another soccer club. The rules have been created by our national governing body of US Club Soccer, our state governing body is Oklahoma Premier Clubs and has agreed to abide by these rules set forth by US Club Soccer, and Tulsa Soccer Club is a member of both the Oklahoma Premier Clubs and US Club Soccer and by being a member of these organizations have als agreed to abide by the national and state rules and policies.  It is exactly the same concept as the NCAA, Big 12, and the University of Oklahoma or OKlahoma State University.


The proper procedure for permission to Guest Play at Tulsa SC is the following:

  1. Ask/Request to guest play for another team through your coach first.
  2. Any request to guest play with a Tulsa based club, either recreational or competitive, will be denied.
  3. The club in which the child intends to guest play for should send your coach the official US Club Player Loan Form filled out via email (this form should not be coming from the parent bt directly from the club).
  4. The Tulsa SC coach then forwards the aforementioned form, and cc’s the parent(s), to Barry Williams and/or Adam Burke for signature which tells us that the coach is aware and approves of the guest playing.
  5. Adam Burke or Barry Williams will reply all to the email with the form attached and signed.