Manager Expectations

 Managers are a critical role for the success of every team and therefore the club!  Without a solid manager filling the role, the club and teams simply could not function!  We appreciate all of the team managers who volunteer their time to help these coaches and teams!

Depending on whether you have a new team, a returning team, your coach’s level of involvement, and your team’s parent level of involvement, you may or may not be directly responsible for all direct tasks that are needed.  The Manager Resource on this site is there to be used as a reference for various aspects of the Manager Role.  

As a Manager, we ask you to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the club’s Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic plans.
  • NOT answer questions that pertain to playing time, player performance or player evaluations (those should be referred to the coach)
  • Be an advocate for your coach, team and club.
  • Be knowledgeable of the game.
  • Be a good communicator as you are the conduit of communication between the club, coach and the team.
  • Encourage team activities that promote good team chemistry.
  • Be supportive; i.e. Try and help players that need it to attend practices; etc.
  • Watch practices; be available for parents.
  • Attend games and ensure you have proper paperwork, player passes, etc. for all games.
  • Encourage a positive environment amongst the parents.
  • Be calm and have good manners.
  • Support the coach’s and referee’s decisions.
  • Concentrate on praising other people’s children during games.
  • Encourage and seek out parent volunteers for the team and the club.
  • Encourage communication between coach and parent.
  • Read newspaper articles about older soccer players’ successes; provide models for your team players.
  • Attend all club manager meetings.
  • Keep your coach updated on any potential issues or concerns.
  • Support the club by volunteering and/or donating and helping your team with fundraisers.
  • Ensure your parents are meeting their financial obligation to the club/team.
  • Encourage your players to watch other Tulsa SC matches in support of the club.