About the PEP

About the PEP

For young aspiring players in many foreign countries, part of being selected and wanting to have a successful soccer career requires sacrifices. For many it means moving away from home for the first time, some as young as 14 years old (grade 9).

Our Player Exchange Program (PEP) is looking for local families to welcome a visiting player into their home. The family offers a safe, supportive environment that provides stability for the player, allowing him to focus his efforts on his academic and athletic achievement. The family that provides this home base for the player is called the host family. Players would be staying with the family for the majority of the year while attending school and training daily (mid-August to end of June). If a good fit for a player is found, a host family may have the same player living with them for a few years until they graduate from High School.

Why Host?

Hosting can be a wonderful opportunity to build a lasting relationship with a talented and dedicated young athlete. It allows you to learn about the game of soccer from the perspective of the player and his unique position on the team. It offers you an inimitable opportunity to see someone grow in confidence and ability over a very short period of time. Players can act as great role models for young family member to show what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.  We know of many families (from other programs) who have hosted in similar programs stay in touch with players and follow their careers as they move to higher levels of play either for college or progressional clubs worldwide.


All potential host parents would undergo an in-house interview by TSC Hurricane Coordinators and parents are asked to go through a "Risk Mangement" process (background check). 

When a family volunteers to host a player they agree to provide room and board.  Hosts should be able to provide the player with his own room where they can have their privacy and a quiet place to study. Bedrooms should include a suitable bed, a desk for studying and a dresser and/or closet for personal items in addition to a bathroom on the same floor. Players will also need easy access laundry, internet and television.

Hosting a player also includes providing nutritious food and healthy snacks. Soccer is a high intensity sport with stringent training both on and off the field including both aerobic and strength training. Like TSC Hurricane elite players, these players will be participating in competitive training multiple times a week. Consequently, these players require more food than the average teenager. As a family, you would follow your normal routine for mealtime; however regular meals enjoyed together at set times is the preferred practice. All daily transportation would also be provided by the host family. The club will also work with the parents and school to provide any additional academic support if needed. 

Want more info?
Click here if you are interested in the PEP Program and would like to receive more information. 

These boys are all young and in need of rules, guidance, friendship and your acceptance. Having a soccer player in your home takes time, patience and a willingness to share. But the rewards you receive far outweigh the amount of effort required.

Application Process:

  • In order to become a PEP host you must complete the PEP Host Application Form
  • We will be contacting selected applicants to set up an in-house meeting with staff.
  • After the in-house meeting you will be required to submit a Risk Management (criminal record check) for all adult residents in the home.
  • Once all record checks have been received you will go on our “available list” and will be contacted when there is a suitable player available.

If you would like more information on the TSC Hurricane PEP, please contact:

Michael Nsien
Director - Tulsa Soccer Academy
TSC Hurricane 
(918) 625-2150
Jim Tindell
Executive Director
TSC Hurricane
(918) 688-9071