Registration and payment is done by each family on-line using Total Global Sports


Manager Registration Checklist at beginning of season (or for adding a new player):

  • Registration: Paying on-line is the only option.  Registration will NOT be valid without payment by the designated deadline.  (Registration can ONLY be done on-line.  If a parent does not have internet access please assist them in anyway possible.)

  • Birth Certificates: These are required and should be submitted to Total Global Sports in a PDF format.

  • Medical Releases: These need to be completed by a parent, signed and notarized.  This form is for your records only and should NOT be sent into the club.  They will need to be with you at all times for all tournaments and league games.     (Medical Release (US Club) .

  • Risk Management for Volunteers:  ALL Managers will be required to complete a Background Check through US Club. 

  • Player Passes:  All Player passes will be submitted through US Club after each player has completed their regsiteration process. Once US Club approval, the club will email you the official Roster and player cards. Print these in color and paste on the cards before laminating.

  • Photos for Passes:  1) make sure player is looking forward with eyes open, 2) no hats or sunglasses, 3) make sure it is a face portrait and NOT an full body picture, etc.

  • Roster: The registrars will send your official stamped rosters at the beginning of the year.  

At the 1st team meeting please discuss with the coach your agenda which should include discussing season schedules, team goals, coaches goals, players and parent expectations, attendance policy for games and practices, including consequences for lack of attendance, indoor league play and practice schedules. Also, the coach should discuss their coaching philosophy. Tournament plans should be discussed. Teams should plan on supporting all Tulsa Soccer Club “Club” events including the Adidas Oklahoma Showcase & Tulsa Cup.


Tulsa Soccer Club Registrars are here to help.  Contact Information.