Scrimmage Requests & Complex Policies

Scrimmage Requests

Scrimmages are allowed at ISSC for Tulsa SC teams that are assigned to BASC and only when there is availability and subject to field conditions.   Teams must be in uniform, have a uniformed referee, and there is a PER GAME charge of $15 for the field and $10 administrative fee (total of $25/scrimmage).  Referee costs are an additional fee.  A team can use a referee they know, as long as he/she is certified.  Please note that scrimmages must be paid for before a field will be assigned to you.  There is also NO warm up in the goal mouth areas or teams could be subject to fines.
After this is complete you will given a field assignment.  You will NOT be given a field assigment until after you have completed a reservation and paid.

To schedule referees at BASC contact Mike Naumann.    

1. Submit your request at least 72 hours before your request.
2. Copy all request to  (request a referee from Mike Naumann by doing this) also if you already have your referee please let them know you have a referee.

Complex Policies and Field Maps (Click on link below)
All Tulsa Soccer Club teams are expected to adhere to respective complex policies.  Please familiarize yourself with these policies.  Teams, coaches, parents or players that do not follow these policies with respect to the complexes will be subject to loss of usage priviledges.  We appreciate your attention to this matter.

Elite Training Center @ Titan

Fields are available to be booked for scrimmages for Tulsa SC teams based on availability and $45 per slot.  You do not need a full referee crew but a referee is recommended.
Contact John Rhein at
You may contact either of the referee assignors above to book referees or use your own contacts.