Team Pages Instructions for Beginners

Team pages are now live!
Once you complete the on-line request for access, you will receive an email with your User ID and PW within a couple days.
Go to our main page and use the "Site Log-in" link on the main menu.
Team pages are accessed by the public using the TEAMS link on the top bar.
The system is pretty user friendly -- you can add photos, side articles (which can be used for rosters or player profiles), videos, and calendars!
Once you’re in the system, click the "Support Center" on the top tab then "Video Library" for a set of How To Videos.
We recommend these videos:


Creating Articles
Article Management
Upload an Image
Create an Outside Link
You Tube Integration


As a reminder, please use common sense when publishing articles, photos and videos in terms of privacy and professionalism.  We will be moderating the content of our team pages as they are the property of TSC Hurricane.


Have Fun creating some awesome pages!!


Please feel free to contact the Administrator should you have questions.