The TSC Hurricane Player Identification Program provides a process for identifying players with the potential to play for the highest level TSC Hurricane teams at the US Soccer Development Academy and/or ECNL level.

The TSC Hurricane Player ID Program identifies the top players in the Oklahoma and surrounding region, as well as on current TSC Hurricane teams and then provides opportunities for these players to be seen and trained through TSC Hurricane's Elite Training Centers or DA/ECNL Tryouts. The TSC Hurricane Player ID Program was created with the following assumptions:

(i) Players should be scouted and evaluated in their regular environment.
(ii) There should be no additional cost to players for scouting and identification.
(iii) To ensure accurate evaluations, players should be evaluated by multiple people over multiple events.
(iv) To ensure accurate evaluations, the coaches that train and develop the identified players should be consulted as the best source of information regarding overall ability, mentality, and current form.

By scouting players in their regular team environment, while they are competing against the best players in the country, the TSC Hurricane Player ID Program increases opportunities for identified players at no additional cost to the players.

The TSC Hurricane Player ID Program will mainly focus on the B&G U10-16 age groups.  Based on scouting and evaluations compiled over multiple local and regional events, players from those age groups will be invited to Elite Training Centers and/or Tryouts.