Question: Who is this for?


  1. If your child has the passion for soccer and has a goal to reach his/her full potential;
  2. You would like the flexibility of more time spent achieving goals during the school day without neglecting a great education;
  3. Already in a home school or virtual school program and would like to pursue higher levels of soccer;
  4. Players that do "private training" on a regular basis;
  5. A family that is not satisfied with the results of 3-4 hours of practice per week.

Q: Who is eligible?

A:  Eligible students 11-18 years (Grades 6-12) old who attend a different private/public school or home schooled.   The full TSA program (Grades 6-12) will be limited based on space and appropriate student-to-faculty ratio.

Q: Is this program restricted to only Tulsa SC players or is it open to all players?

A: The program is open to any player from any club that chooses to participate. However, players who are on scholarship for TSA must be Tulsa Soccer Club registered players.

Q: Are all the student-athletes participating in the Residency Program required to attend the recommended school?

A:  TSA students have the option of enrolling in our Charter School through Epic. All sessions and academic classes will be held at our TSA Facility at Titan Sports Complex.  You may also schedule appointments by emailing megan@tulsasc.com to view the school or have your child shadow the classes prior to the school year so parents can learn more about all aspects of the program.

Q: When does the program start and end?

A: The soccer training will coincide with the school calendar with no training taking place during school holidays.

Q:  How much training is to much?

A:  TSA recognizes that a long-term commitment to training and education is required to produce superior athletes and well-rounded players.  We also understand the risk of overuse and the potential for mental and physical fatigue with focusing so much on a particular sport.  Our cutting edge approaches will mitigate this as we will use different variations of sessions to provide the perfect balance.  We will keep your child fresh mentally and physically by using different games and a variety of "sessions".  We are confident our approach will actually generate more passion for the sport of soccer.

Q: Can I register just for one semester?

A: To obtain the expected benefits from the program players are required to participate for the full academic year (Aug-May).  If there is a special circumstance where you need to participate for only a semester, please contact us (see contact information below.)  The program does offer some flexibility in allowing for HS age players who can only participate in the Fall semester.  

Q: Is this program open to both genders?

A: Yes, this program is for both boys and girls.  

Q: How are players grouped in the program?

A: For training, players will be grouped together by soccer ability.  

Q: What is the program’s policy for Holidays?

A: The program will follow the holiday schedule of the school which normally follows the holiday calendar of Tulsa Public Schools.

Q: Is there financial aid available?

A:  Financial Aid for TSA is also available for students enrolled in Epic.  Qualifications and applications for TSA financial aid will be determined based on additional information and interviews conducted by TSA Directors so please contact us if you are seeking financial aid for TSA.

Q: If my child plays for a Tulsa Soccer Club team, does this program’s fee include our normal club dues as well?

A: The fee for the program does not cover any club dues.  

Q: Will there be affordable payment plans offered to participants?

A: There is a monthly payment plan available. To see the payment plans see the cost details at the bottom of the information page here

Q: How do we apply to the program?

A: Click on the Enrollment tab, and then complete the Player Registration.  

Q: How do I know if my application has been accepted?

A: After you have submitted the Enrollment Form form along with payment, you will be notified by us to schedule an appointment. 

Q: What do the participants need to bring?

A: Players will need to bring shoes, shin guards and sack lunch (for Epic students).  Everything else will be provided by the program.    

Q: What happens in the event of bad weather?

A: In case of inclement weather the players will move to the indoor facility.  Driving conditions will be taken into consideration.  If Tulsa Public Schools are closed then TSA will be closed as well.  

Q: Are the parents allowed to observe the training?

A: Parents will be allowed to observe the outdoor training at certain times with permission from the staff.  The indoor facility has space limitations that will not accommodate spectators.  

Q: Will the student-athletes be supervised the entire time they are with the program?

A: The student-athletes will be supervised the entire time by our staff during their training.  The student-athletes will not be allowed to leave the training area without prior written approval by their parents.