Teams Do Well at WSA Cup

The 07s and 06s B&G participated in some of their first events this spring!

The 07s and 06s B&G are playing in their first major events this spring and were at the WSA Cup last weekend. The professional training they’re getting is really showing at the fields! Congratulations to ALL our teams who participated at the WSA Cup last weekend!  We are proud of you!  Check out who advanced below.

(Pictured 01G Howe & 03B Williams after their championships/96G Miranda as they wait for their final)








07B Carreno (3 teams) - Finalists with one winning playing up vs 05s and 06s
06B Kepley - Finalists playing up vs 05s
05B Bradshaw Red - Champions
04B Crouch - Champions
04B Roberts - Finalist
03B Williams - Champions
02B Griffiths - Champions
07G Edwards - Played up vs 05s & 06s (won their games vs 07s)
06G Kepley - Finalist playing up
04G Amos - Finalist
04G Carreno - Finalist
03G Amos - Champions playing up
03G Lewis - Semifinalist
02G Lewis - Finalist
01G Howe - Champions
01G Nigh - Semifinalist
01G Rozell - Finalist
99G Rhein - Champions
96G Miranda - Champions