Teams Win at Lexus Tulsa Cup

Congratulations to all TSC Hurricane teams who participated and advanced at the Lexus Tulsa Cup!  

We are very PROUD of all our teams on and off the field as you ALL represented your club with class!  Thanks for being such great hosts for our visiting teams!!  

TSC Hurricane Teams Who Advanced
06B Kepley Black - Finalist
06B Kepley Red - Semifinalist
06B Sanders - Semifinalist
05B Bradshaw - Finalist
04B Sharp (pictured) - Champions
04B Roberts - Semifinalist
03B Nigh - Champions
02B Barkley - Semifinalist
01B Carreno - Champions
01B Crouch - Semifinalist
01B Melton - Champions
00B Elkington NPL - Champions
99B Lundy Red - Finalist
99B Bedwell NPL - Champions
98B Reiswig - Finalist
97B DeFreitas - Champions
04G Kitterman - Champions
03G Amos - Finalist
03G Winters - Semifinalist
03G Williams Gold - Semifinalist
03G Williams Red - Semifinalist
03G Rathbun - Finalist
02G Parker - Champions
01G Howe - Finalist
01G Beattie - Champions
99G Rhein - Finalist
98G Rhein - Finalist
97G Killingsworth - Semifinalist
97G Richardson - Finalist
96G Miranda - Semifinalist