RULES OF PLAY Except as otherwise provided herein, the rules of ECNL and FIFA “Laws of the Game” shall govern this tournament.


Age:  The age groups for this tournament shall be in accordance with ECNL age groups for the current seasonal year U11-12.  

Registration.  All players must be currently registered with US Club. Travel forms are NOT required.

Team Roster.  

1.               U11-12 Teams shall have no more than 16 rostered players.

2.               Teams playing may have an unlimited number of guest players.

Proof of Age: All players and coaches must have current US Club/ECNL Player ID cards.  

See Team Check-In Page for check in instructions. 


Showcase will be a round-robin format only (3 games).  The length of games for each age group shall be as follows:

Age Bracket                                Game Times                                   Format       Team Size

U 11-12                                         Two 35-minute halves                     9v9               16
U 12                                                     Two 40-minute halves                     11v11            22

Semi-finals and Finals:   There are no semi-finals or finals.  Teams will play a "showcase" round-robin format in all age divisions.

Unfinished Games:  If the referee terminates a game and neither team is at fault, it shall be considered a completed game if the first half has been completed.

Inclement Weather/Field Conditions:  In the event of inclement weather, the tournament committee reserves the right to modify all tournament rules in order to safely and fairly end the tournament successfully. Games may be shortened or eliminated in case of inclement weather or unplayable field conditions.  

Substitutions shall be unlimited.  Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee at the following times:

1.               Prior to a throw-in in your favor.

2.               Prior to a goal kick by either team.

3.               After a goal by either team.

4.               After any injury by either team when the referee stops play (only one player may be substituted per team).

5.               At half time.

6.               A yellow-carded player may be substituted for, but this must be done before restart of play.  The other team may substitute one player with the permission of the referee.


Points will be awarded as follows:

                                    3 points for a win

                                    1 points for a tie

                                    0 points for a loss

Showcase formatTeams will play three (3) games each in a round-robin format.  Brackets of 3 or 4 will be formed depending on the number of teams accepted in an age group.   Tournament Director may (at his/her discretion) switch teams 3rd matches based on the results of the 1st two round-robin games to help optimize the competitiveness of the 3rd match.

HOME team will wear light colored jersey.  VISITOR will wear dark color jersey.


1.  Since this is a Showcase format, no protests will be accepted and the referee’s decisions will be considered final.


1.              An ejected player or coach in a game must be suspended from that game.  However, that player may participate in the next scheduled game.


The  Rules Committee shall determine any matter not provided for in the tournament rules.  In addition, the Rules Committee may amend the tournament rules when, in its judgment, the amendment will be beneficial to the conduct of the tournament.  The decision of the  Rules Committee shall be final.