Check-In Information

Team Check In: 

Items needed for team check-in:

  1. OFFICIAL US Club or USYS roster required
  2. US Soccer National affiliate player cards (For example: US Club Soccer or USYS)
  3. Appropriate travel permission documents if required by your state.
  4. Guest Players are required to upload player cards.

Player Profile Booklet

Please ensure your rosters are complete on your Total Global Sports Account. We encourage teams U15 and older to upload player photos so Colleg Coaches can access them and see them in the Tournament App. 

Scheduling/Travel Disclaimer

Expect first games on Saturday & Sunday to start as early as 8:00am due to daylight limitations. Some teams may have evening games on Saturday as late as 8:50pm under the lights.  For those traveling, last game start times are expected to be no later than 5pm Central on Sunday. Every effort will be made to accommodate special schedule requests for coaches with multiple teams.  However, due to the size of this event and limited time slots there is no guarantee so coaches should plan to bring assistants.  Teams with same coach may also have matches at different locations. You do not need to send a special schedule request for coaches with multiple teams. Please make sure you have your head coach listed as the HC (make sure names are exactly the same) on your team accounts which will help us manage around the conflicts as best as we can.  Coaches with more than 2 teams can expect to have a conflict.  For coaches that have teams in different age group, expect those games to be at DIFFERENT complexes so no special accommodations can be made.  

Pre-paid parking will be $10. Parents & spectators that do NOT pre-pay should expect a $15 fee at the gate. Passes are good for the weekend and at all complexes.  Please park in designated parking spaces only.  Please drive slowly and adhere to rules posted at the complex(es).  There will be traffic so ARRIVE EARLY! PARKING PASSES - ORDER HERE