TSC Hurricane Dominates Blitz Tournament

In nearly every division where the club had teams entered, TSC Hurricane posted Champions, Finalists and/or Semifinalists in the Blitz Invitational held at Indian Springs last weekend.  Several of our teams also decided to play up to get some additional competition otherwise more teams could have posted even better results.  In the U9 Girls division we actually had a unique and quite possible 1st time ever situation in which ALL four teams entered captured 1st and 2nd place in BOTH Gold and Silver!!  (Note: Most of the older divisions did not feature TSC Hurricane teams.)

Congratulations to the following teams on their results last weekend!!  We are very proud of ALL our teams!!

05B Bradshaw Red - Finalist
05G Carreno Red - Finalist
04B Crouch - Semifinalist
04B Shannon - Champions
04G Winters - Champions
04G Kitterman - Finalists
04G Carreno - Champions
04G Amos - Finalists
03B Ragland - Champions
03B Nigh - Champions
03G Rathbun - Finalists
02B Griffiths - Semifinalist
02B Escobedo - 3rd
02G Parker - 3rd
02G Arundell (pictured) - Finalist
01G Howe - Finalist
01G Rozell - Champions
01B Carreno - Champions (playing up)
00G Arundell (pictured) - Finalist
00G Griffin - Finalist (played up)
00G Lewis - Semifinalist (played up)
99G Rhein - Semifinalist (played up)