TSCH Dominates Blitz Tournament

Despite not competing in every age group and several playing up, it was a complete domination of the Blitz tournament. The results are not the most important but rather impressed with how our players played and how our coaches coach. Proud of you all!!

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08b Orange Waite - Finalist 
07b Griffiths - Champions
07b Carreno Black - Finalist playing up
06b Coleman Black - Semis
07b Carreno Red - Champions playing up
06b Coleman Silver - Finalist 
06b Elliott Red - Champions
06b Velazquez - Finalist
05b Simba - Champions
05b Umelo - Semis
04b Umelo Red - 2nd
03b Edwards - Finalist 
07g Pemberton Red - Semis
07g Pemberton Navy - Finalist 
07g Pemberton White - Semis
07g AP Amos - Semis
08g AP Amos - Finalist 
06g Cosby - Finalist 
07g Carreno - Champions playing up
06g Rathbun - Champions