TSCH to Partner with Tulsa Spine and Rehab

to bring Concussion Baseline Testing to Players

TSCH to Partner with Tulsa Spine and Rehab


Players%20First%20logo.pngTSCH Baseline Concussion Screenings

TSC Hurricane is partnering with Tulsa Spine and Rehab to bring baseline screening relating to concussions to our families for a reduced nominal fee. 

Purpose of screenings:

The purpose of the baseline screening is to evaluate balance, reaction time and vestibular function.  Three trials are used to eliminate disparity that arises from “learning” the test.  The test results are used by the medical staff to identify any potential injury risk related to balance and reaction time.  Also, the test results will be used to compare to a screening performed if a player is suspected of having a concussion.  This SWAY app can also be used if the player has a concussion to know if they are healing and potentially when they are ready to begin the return to play protocol post concussion.

The medical staff will have access to the baseline screening scores as well as post injury/post concussion scores.  The medical staff will then work with the manager and coach to help a player make a smooth transition back to soccer if a concussion is diagnosed.

Who:  TSC Competitive Players. (Scheduled through your Team Managers)

Where:  Tulsa Spine and Rehab, 3345 S Harvard  Tulsa, OK  74135

When:  Testing takes 20 minutes. Teams will have a scheduled time and date through your team manager.

Cost:  $25 a player

Ideally, testing is performed annually to account for players growth over the year and/or if they have sustained an injury or concussion.

If a player were suspected of concussion, they would have direct access to the concussion team with a cell number to call to be able to schedule an evaluation with our medical staff.

Holly Thompson, PT

Balance and Vestibular Specialist

(918) 607-0400 or info@tulsabalance.com

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