Check In, Scheduling and Other Important Information



Welcome to our visiting teams! 

Team Check in and Coach/Manager Social begins at 7pm on  Friday, November 22, 2019

Check in times: Anytime between 7pm and 9:30pm. Location: Marriott-Southern Hills  (Teams playing Friday evening will have special check-in instructions.) 

Items needed for team check-in:

1) OFFICIAL US Club or USYS roster required. (NOT Got Soccer event roster).

2) US Soccer National affiliate player cards (For example: US Club Soccer or USYS). Note for Juniors U7-10: Cards are not required but we need to review rosters showing players are registered and please bring their BC and Medical Releases.

3) Medical releases for review (do not need to be notarized).

4) NO need for travel permission for any teams.

5) Guest players should follow their own association procedures (The tournament will need a player pass and medical release and guest player form if required by your state association).

Friday night from 7:00-9:30pm is the ONLY time we have staff on hand for team registrationWe currently do not offer early check-in or online check-in.  A manager or anyone representing the team can handle the check in. If you have any questions please contact the Registration Coordinator, Adriane Bradshaw. After the team check-in period is over on Friday night, a $50 late registration fee will be assessed and must be paid at the time of check-in which will be at the designated complex communicated to you (regardless of where your game is scheduled).

For coaches that have teams in both the Sam Shannon and Friendship Cup, expect those games to be at DIFFERENT complexes so no special accommodations can be made.  

PLEASE NOTE: Sam Shannon Showcase matches are expected to be at Mohawk (Girls) and Titan (Boys) and will be filmed.  (Note: U8-14 Friendship Cup matches will be at ISSC).  Tournament Complexes.  


Coach/Manager Social for College Coaches, Team Coaches, and Managers at the Host Hotelopen from 7pm to 10pm FRIDAY, visit with each other while enjoying complimentary food and beverages. *Check at registration for the exact place at Host Hotel.



Prepaid parking fee will be $5 (instructions will be sent to teams on how to prepay - also see link below).  $10 at the gate. The parking pass is good for the entire weekend and at all of the complexes (including Sam Shannon Showcase). PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY as there will be a lot of traffic! ORDER PARKING PASSES HERE


Coaches Meeting

There will be no coaches meeting. All information is posted online and/or emailed to team representatives.



Local teams (and OKC area teams) can expect a game on Friday night.  Expect first games on Saturday (and/or Sunday) to start as early as 7:15am.  Some teams may have evening games on Saturday as late as 8:30pm under the lights.  For those traveling, you can expect last game start times to be as late as 5pm Central on Sunday for finals. 

Friendship Cup matches will be at Indian Springs Soccer Complex.


Every effort will be made to accommodate special schedule requests for coaches with multiple teams. However, due to the size of this event and limited time slots there is no guarantee so coaches should plan to bring assistants.  Teams with same coach may also have matches at different locations. You do not need to send a special schedule request for coaches with multiple teams. Please make sure you have your head coach listed as the HC (make sure names are exactly the same) on your team GotSoccer accounts which will help us manage around the conflicts as best as we can.  Coaches with more than 2 teams can expect to have a conflict. We will NOT handle special scheduling requests via email!  Teams should open a ticket in GotSoccer. 



Communication with team representatives (including game changes) will be communicated via email and/or text messages to cell phones registered through the system. Updates will also be posted on line or via social media (Twitter and Facebook). Make sure if traveling and no laptop or computer at hotel make sure that someone signs ups for text messages in order to get updates during the tournament.

For inclement weather and child missing procedures please visit our tournament page.


Official Game Results

Referees will turn in all scorecards so there is no need for a coach or manager to sign a scorecard.



Tournament Rules are posted on the tournament website. It is the team’s responsibility to adhere to the rules as posted.  There are NO REFUNDS once teams have been accepted!



Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center ( is the official tournament medical provider for players who need immediate attention. They are the leading specialized provider for sports medicine in the Tulsa community. Trainers are there for immediate assistance and will NOT be providing tape to tape players’ ankles. Players will need to bring their own tape if they need assistance with this. 


Tournament Logo wear

Official tournament logo wear will be for sale near the headquarters. You should plan to purchase your logo wear early in the weekend as it will sell out by Sunday.


Helpful Information

Visit or for more information about Tulsa including (for parents) Casino’s and Golf Courses!! For parents, visit for more information on the Casino Resort near the complex between 81st and 91st on Riverside Drive.



Maps of the complexes and directions are available on the tournament page.  Complex Directions and Maps.


TSC Hurricane THANKS you for participating in this great event! Our goal is to provide your team with great matches in a quality fashion while your players and families enjoy the surrounding communities.


For the Good of the Game: For the Good of the Players!!

Good Luck and Have Fun!