Tulsa Soccer Academy

Oklahoma's Only FULL-TIME Soccer School.

2019-20 Enrollment OPEN 

The Tulsa Soccer Academy - Full Time School (TSA) provides a strong foundation for both academics and athletics. The student/ athletes of this premier soccer preparatory school will enroll in  Epic Charter School.  

  • What are critical success factors for being a successful player?
  • What does it take to achieve higher levels that are needed in the modern game today?
  • Want to improve dramatically as a more complete player in all aspects of the game?
"TSA has helped me improve my technical skills and understanding of the game. I enjoy practicing with my classmates and working with the different instructors," Wyatt, TSA Student.

About Us

The Tulsa Soccer Academy (TSA) is a premier soccer preparatory school, offering its student-athletes in middle and high school an opportunity to develop a strong academic and athletic foundation by integrating soccer during every school day.  TSA was founded on the belief that all students can achieve remarkable excellence as scholars, athletes and people when given the opportunity and resources. TSA combines the best classroom and sport instruction for 21st century learners and believes that excellence in academics and athletics can and should go hand-in-hand.  

We invite athletes to experience a safe, affordable and unique Educational and Athletic program and take the next step in achieving their dreams and becoming future Life Champions. We strive to offer our student-athletes an outstanding experience at the Tulsa Soccer Academy. This very specialized and multifaceted academic-soccer program will serve to offer the best schooling and sport experience by implementing and administering real and lasting personal growth. Our one-of-a-kind program offers the perfect blend of academics and athletics, a unique experience that is unavailable to players participating on club teams only.  We are confident you will notice the exponential growth of our student-athletes.


Titan Sports and Performance Center is the official site for TSA.

Program Overview

Thousands of soccer players all over the world dream to play their sport in college and/or professionally.  Accomplishing this has become more challenging, as the number of players participating has dramatically increased over the past 10 years. There are, however, key principles that enhance athletes’ chances of achieving their soccer dreams and goals.  Scientific Research has concluded that it takes 10,000 hours of training for a talented athlete to reach world class level. TSA recognizes that a long-term commitment to training and education is required to produce superior athletes and well-rounded young men and women.

Our platform is designed to maximize a student-athlete’s potential and help propel them to be the best they were trained to be.   Our soccer program offers an unparalleled training opportunity for committed players. We provide students an opportunity “to move to the next level” in athletics, academics and to develop social responsibility. By focusing on all three disciplines, we guide players in developing skills and opportunities for life.  

Want to learn more about the full time soccer school? Please email info@tulsasc.com to schedule an appointment.