The TSA Advantage

Training and Benefits

TSA Benefits (all of this is included with your fees)


Full-time Professional Training Staff
All academic material including Notebook PC (Charter Students)
Supplemental Insurance
Weekly assessments and benchmark testing
Conditioning and weightlifting program (age appropriate)
Ten months a year program    
Training M-F
700 hours of field and off field soccer training (including video analysis)
Indoor and outdoor facilities for training
Information and lectures on the current demands of professional athletes such as nutrition and sport psychology
Leadership Training and Mentoring
Career/College Counseling

Why should I join?

Whether your child is a current Riverfield student, home schooled, in another private or public school and:

1) Your child has the passion for soccer and has a goal to reach his/her full potential;
2) You would like the flexibility of more time spent achieving goals during the school day without neglecting a great education;
3) Already in a home school or virtual school program and would like to pursue higher levels of soccer;
4) You’re a player that does private training on a regular basis;
5) A family that is not satisfied with the results of 3-4 hours of practice per week.
The number of students in the program will be limited based on facility capacity and proper teacher-to-student ratio.
Tulsa Soccer Academy (TSA) offers an unparalleled training opportunity for serious, committed athletes by preparing them with a full range of skills needed to become an exceptional player and perform dynamically.  Our training is based on the belief that successful programs come down to two main criteria: Coaching and Training Protocols.  TSA offers the best of both.  We offer highly structured, disciplined and deliberate practices that integrate physical, mental and tactical training while continuing to develop and expand a strong fundamental skill base.

TSA offers players a combined 700 hours of on and off-field training per year. All players will train twice a day to maximize development (except Fridays).  We provide on and off-field soccer training systems based on proven sport science principles, combined with a competition schedule to ensure maximum development.
TSA recognizes that a long-term commitment to training and education is required to produce superior athletes and well-rounded players.  We also understand the risk of overuse and the potential for mental and physical fatigue with focusing so much on a particular sport.  Our cutting edge approach will mitigate this as we will use different variations of sessions to provide the perfect balance.  We will keep your child fresh mentally and physically by using different games and a variety of "sessions".  We are confident our approach will actually generate more passion for the sport of soccer.
Riverfield facilities offer everything required to provide a full compliment of the players’ needs including indoor and outdoor training space, weightliftingequipment, classroom space, video analysis equipment, computers, etc.  
Player Advancement
The program will be bringing in guest advisors, scouts and trainers from College Programs in and outside of the Tulsa area.  TSC Hurricane has an extensive network of relationships with coaches from the higher level. Our players receive great exposure to showcase their talents.