US Soccer Announces Major Changes

New Player Development Initiatives will bring universal change to team formation and playing formats

U.S. Soccer has recently announced some major changes to playing formats that will be phased in over the next 1-2 years. These changes will be mandated by U.S. Soccer so that ALL sanctioning bodies (I.e. OSA, US Youth, U.S. Club, etc.) will have to follow suit. 

The two major changes:
1) Team formation will move from Aug 1 to Calendar birthyear - mandated by August 2017 with encouraged adoption by August 2016
2) Small sided changes to a 7v7 > 9v9 > 11v11 model where 11v11 will not begin until u13 - Mandated by August 2017 with encouraged adoption by August 2016

TSCH is excited about these changes as they are in line with our Juniors program and own development models. For instance, our players/coaches are already ahead of the curve since our club has been using the 7v7 > 9v9 model for several years. This reinforces our decisions a long time ago to breakaway and move to that development format for our juniors program and with our club partners in the JDL. 

The club will be discussing over the next few months our own transition plans for these as we learn more from each respective organization's (I.e. OSA, ECNL, U.S. Club, etc.) guidance. 

The club does not yet have all the details of how this will cascade down and some will be phased in. We realize this may be a big change for some.  Once we learn more, we will have more discussion with the coaches in next couple months to develop a plan within the guidelines they establish while also keeping the players' needs at the core of those plans. We will also try and be as proactive and possible on all communications.  More to come. 


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