Tulsa SC Weather Policy

Inclement Weather
Our top priority in any weather-related decisions is our players’ safety. Our goal is always to play through no matter the weather conditions. However, if weather forecasts, field conditions, or driving conditions jeopardize our players’ safety, we will cancel. The referees make the final decision on whether the conditions are safe or not for play at the game.

Inclement Weather Policy

TSC reserves the right to cancel training sessions when our players’ safety is at risk. Reasons for cancellation include, but are not limited to; limits to freezing temperatures (estimated to be below 32 degrees) severe weather warnings, lightning, tornado warnings, high wind warnings, high temperatures (estimated to be above 95 degrees based on the temperature and humidity) and unsafe field conditions.

Lightning Policy
TSC teams in training will clear fields when lightning reaches within 10 miles of a training location for a minimum of 30 minutes. If a lightning strike occurs within the 10 mile radius after the first strike, the 30 minute waiting period resets. In competition, TSC follows lightning policies provided by fields or leagues governed by other entities. Directors and Coaches utilize the Weather Bug app to keep track of lightning in their area and clear fields as needed.
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Inclement Weather Communication

Our goal is to communicate cancellations as soon as a decision is made. We strive to make a decision by 3pm during the week and 6:30am on the weekend. This affects carpool schedules and long commutes so we will do our best to stick to this schedule.

We often wait until these times to make a decision in hopes conditions will improve and allow us to play. Most of our rented fields are governed by other entities (e.g. Titan Sports Performance, City of Tulsa) who determine whether fields are open or closed and these entities often do not inform us of field decisions until after 2:30pm.

Weather Updates

Weather updates will be relayed via email and TeamSnap.